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Virginia Forestry Association Annual Awards

Each year at the Summit, the Virginia Forestry Association recognizes lifetime contributions and annual achievements throughout Virginia's forestry community. Below you will find descriptions for each of these distinguished honors.


Please consider nominating a deserving company or individual for recognition and join us for our annual Reception & Awards Banquet.

VFA Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award of the Virginia Forestry Association gives public recognition to individuals, groups, associations, and/or companies and corporations who make a significant, continuing and lasting contribution to the conservation of Virginia’s forest resources and/or the enhancement of Virginia’s forest-based community.

2019 VFA Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Matt Poirot

VFA Outstanding Member of the Year

This award, given continuously since 1949 by the Virginia Forestry Association, is for the recognition of individual, outstanding contributions in the area of conservation, utilization and enhancement of Virginia’s forest resources. It is given to honor an individual who has gone “above and beyond” his or her normal duties and responsibilities to render service to, and promote the interests of, Virginia forestry, and/or has fostered greater public awareness and understanding of the forests of the Commonwealth and the contributions which they make to all Virginia citizens.

2019 VFA Outstanding Member of the Year Recipient

Glen Worrell

2019 VFA Logger Merit Recipient

Buck Morris

VFA Logger Merit Award

The purpose of the Logger Merit Award is to recognize and honor the performance of one or more outstanding logger(s) in the Commonwealth.  The recipient(s) of the Logger Merit Award represent the “best-of-the-best,” and exemplify the highest professional standards, as they serve as effective positive public role models for the entire logging industry. 

2019 VFA Logger Merit Recipient

Justin Scott